Fueled by market need, we pioneer solutions to challenges for both our military and commercial clients.

Sonalysts is an employee-owned business with a strong tradition of entrepreneurship.  We have shown that we are adept at combining our creative minds and technical services to produce state-of-the-art products and services.  Leveraging our subject matter expertise, technical innovation, and corporate resources, we continue to develop intellectual property that supports our client’s desires while producing long-term value and market differentiation.

Section Icon Combat Simulations

We are an award winning producer of game-based modeling, simulation, and training (MST) products. Leveraging our real time strategy (RTS) games experience, we have expanded our suite of products to include a licensable game framework and simulation engine (SE II) for continuous learning, modeling, and simulation.

Section Icon wXstation

Our weather and aviation product, wXstation™ is used to track airplanes in a 3D meteorological environment. WXstation grew out of a military command and control system that had been designed for anti-submarine warfare. The software infrastructure was originally developed for the US Navy to use to track submarines in a 3D oceanographic environment.