Engineering solutions to your toughest problems.
Electronic Hardware Engineering

We focus on designing and developing electronic assemblies for unique, low-rate production applications.  Typical examples include power supplies, sensors, control and display, and diagnostic components.  We also develop components that are used in prototype applications which are then evaluated for larger production runs.  Our ISO 9001:2008 engineering processes ensure “Quality Without Compromise.”

Systems Engineering

In addition to developing complex software, we help design the systems on which the software operates.  Our systems engineering includes system interface definition and development, integration and test of large families of systems, and system architecture and design.  Our CMMI Level 3 processes ensure a mature approach to systems engineering projects.

Facilities Management & Engineering

We provide technical and management support for operations, engineering, training, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and assessments for customers that operate complex or hazardous facilities.  This support includes the development and implementation of various safety management programs as well as on-site technical assistance and mentoring to ensure that facility operations comply with regulations and industry standards.  Current customers include the Department of Energy and several of the prime contractors operating nuclear facilities.   

Human Systems Integration (HSI)

HSI is a human-centric systems engineering process.  By focusing on the human part of the human-machine interface, a better solution for the overall system often results.  We are recognized experts in HSI, which extends far beyond human-factors engineering.  Our HSI work has resulted in world-class systems for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, and the approach can be used in any system design.  Sonalysts provides the expertise to apply HSI principles in acquisition programs, systems design, and research and development.  Our Human Autonomy Interaction Laboratory (HAIL) serves as a test bed and R&D capability for assessing interactions between humans and the systems we use.  HAIL research extends from applied Human Factors Engineering and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) topics, to Biometrics and to the development and evaluation of Command and Control (C2) concepts for unmanned systems.

Operations Analysis

Operations analysis is at the core of what we do at Sonalysts.  We take the time to understand the domain in which analysis is being used in order to make a decision or develop guidance for the future.  We use advanced mathematical and analytical techniques to arrive at conclusions and recommendations.  A primary customer of our analysis is the U.S. Navy, but the discipline extends into all of our business.  It is the cornerstone of our approach to solving problems for customers—to see the entire picture from the standpoint of an expert, deduce the important factors that comprise the picture, and then optimize changes to provide an integrated solution to a problem.