Experience + Creativity + Execution = Perfection.

Like three legs on a stool, a successful project requires a creative team to execute flawlessly with the appropriate level of experience.  As owners of the company, we are 100% committed to delivering on-time and on-budget.  Which is why the phrase "We're not happy if you're not happy," carries a lot more weight.

Section Icon Standard Space Trainer

The Standard Space Trainer (SST) platform provides standardized instructor and scenario generation tools plus a suite of analytic performance and assessment features that enable detailed goal tracking and student monitoring. It scales in both its design (efficient network traffic and messaging) and in that it serves training for 1-n students either individually or in 1-n teams.

Section Icon AN/BLQ-10 Maintenance Simulation

Sonalysts developed the first known, fully interactive simulation to run in the TRANET-C classroom environment at Naval Submarine School, while utilizing only DADMS approved software. The maintenance simulation will be used to train fleet returnee sailors on the proper procedures for recognizing, troubleshooting, and correcting faults in the AN/BLQ-10 system.