What We Do

The name Sonalysts is derived from “sonar analysts” which is how the company began supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) almost 50 years ago. Since then, we have grown to support every branch of the U. S. military and the Coast Guard, with approximately 90% of the company’s business conducted with the Federal Government. Given that a large concentration of our work is for the DoD, we have offices near major military installations where many Sonalysts employees work on-site, alongside their DoD counterparts. Other important clients include major U.S. and international airlines, and the major manufacturers that are prime contractors to the DoD. Sonalysts has been recognized by the Federal Government for superior business performance, outstanding achievement and work quality, sound financial practices, and superior industrial security.

Sonalysts’ principal areas of expertise are operational analysis and research, high-technology training, courseware and curriculum development, human performance improvement, modeling and simulation, software and systems engineering, decision support, and media production. Today our largest customers are the Air Force Space Command, for whom we develop complex training simulations, and the U.S. Navy, for whom we perform exercise support, conduct operational analysis, and develop training systems.

Our workforce’s diversity helps us solve any and all problems for our customers, regardless of the difficulty or complexity level. We have a very smart, talented, and dedicated group of employees who take great pride in not only meeting, but constantly exceeding expectations. The key to success is and always will be:
Talent + Resources = Results!

Our main focus areas are: