Decision Support

Sonalysts employee-owners have a long and important history of creating and maintaining decision support systems, tools, and processes. Our top priority in this capability area is to improve overall human-system performance through creative collaboration with all stakeholders and informative and work-centered visualization. We are proud of integrated solutions that combine subject matter expertise, cognitive science, human factors, computer science, and the data sciences. Specifics include:

  • Weather Station
    • wXstationTM ingests an extensive set of meteorological and aircraft flight data from domestic and international data sources. wXstation uses an open source, object-relational database management system and fully configurable data storage to provide direct user access and third-party applications.
    • Dispatch Weather ClientTM (DWC) is the fully integrated desktop application of Sonalysts’ wXstation family of products. DWC provides weather and flight following operational situation awareness to airline dispatchers, meteorologists, and managers.
  • Mission Offensive Jammer Operations (MOJO)
    • An Electronic Warfare (EW) mission-planning tool for the Air-Sea battle space
  • Visual Argumentation for Resolving Inefficiencies (VARI)
    • Crowdsourcing environment that incorporates leading research and best practices from:
      1. Design Thinking
      2. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
      3. Crowdsourcing
      4. Information Visualization
      5. Multi-Attribute Decision Making
    • Provides rapid identification of organizational inefficiencies and constructive solutions with consensus built from within an organization.
  • Ideation/Targeted Ideation Development Event (TIDE)
    • Uses divergent/convergent framework to define problems, develop innovative solutions, and refine those solutions into implementable courses of action.
    • Designed to be scalable to fit both the problem and the phase at which the problem is being addressed.
  • Opinion Classification and Analysis Tool (OCTANT)
    • Versatile tool that enables remote collaboration
    • Enables quick processing of data to build consensus and courses of action
    • Facilitates tracking of concept maturation
  • Spatial Analysis Link Tool (SALT)
  • Immersive Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • Knowledge Elicitation/Top – Down Functional Analysis (TDFA)

Relevant Examples

Mission Offensive Jammer Operations - MOJO Phase II Small Business Innovative Research

Mission Offensive Jammer Operations (MOJO) is an Electronic Warfare (EW) mission-planning tool for the Air-Sea Battle space.

wXstation Product Line

Sonalysts’ wXstation™ and Dispatch Weather Client™ comprise a highly flexible and robust commercial weather and flight following system used to support U.S. and international airlines flight operations and government aviation meteorologists. This system has provided airline dispatchers and aviation meteorologists with operational situational awareness, alerts, and automated product generation to support web services for more than 25 years. wXstation is extensible to process and display any geo-referenced time-sensitive data beyond aviation applications.