Operations Analysis/Research

Operations analysis is at the core of what we do at Sonalysts. A primary customer of our analysis work is the U.S. Navy, but the discipline extends into all of our business areas. It is the cornerstone of our approach to solving problems for customers—to see the entire picture from the standpoint of an expert, deduce the important factors that comprise the picture, and then optimize changes to provide an integrated solution to a problem.

Operations research, operations and systems engineering analysis, and data science and analytics are part of our core capabilities since the founding of Sonalysts over 45 years ago. Sonalysts applies design thinking in our Targeted Ideation Development Events (TIDEs) for the U.S. Navy acquisition commands and warfare centers, and also employs applied operations analysis using sparsely populated and highly uncertain data sets for the Submarine Force. Additionally, we facilitate wargaming products for DoD and commercial customers, and use modeling and simulation to optimize system performance for U. S. Space Force applications.

Our professionals are facile at understanding the challenge and the surrounding context of a problem, and then applying an appropriate method chosen from a variety of time-tested and cutting-edge techniques to explore and discover important patterns in the information. Using those relevant patterns, we have a proven track record of drawing insightful conclusions and articulating actionable recommendations that meet our customer’s needs.

Relevant Examples

FATHOM Phase II Small Business Innovative Research

FATHOM is an operational utility tool for testing prototype systems in an operational environment.

Mission Offensive Jammer Operations - MOJO Phase II Small Business Innovative Research

Mission Offensive Jammer Operations (MOJO) is an Electronic Warfare (EW) mission-planning tool for the Air-Sea Battle space.