Software Expertise

At Sonalysts, we realize that choosing the right strategic partner, who shares your values, is critical in this competitive marketplace. We have decades of collective experience, technical proficiency, and creative expertise, and are strengthened by CMMI Level 3 certification. We operate as a trusted and dependable application provider, creating a world-class solution for any business or agency concept.

We have demonstrated capabilities on multiple technologies such as Microsoft, Sun, PHP, and Oracle, as well as Mobile platforms. Apart from technologies, we are also experts in system integration and configuration, using various enterprise Content Management Systems (CMSs), Learning Management Systems (LMSs), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. With this wide array of skills and expertise, we are a comprehensive application developer and systems integrator that can offer technically and commercially viable solutions to address all of your toughest digital challenges.

Sonalysts is keenly aware that technical proficiency is only part of a successful relationship. Solid project and product management as well as flexible contracting terms can make or break an engagement. Our team is skilled in various management frameworks and lifecycle development models such as Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Rapid Application Prototyping, and Waterfall, in addition to participating in an active continuous improvement program. We use a software development methodology that combines agile methods with CMMI Level 3 processes. Together, these bring a powerful combination of adaptability and predictability to software development.