Submarine On Board Training (SOBT)


The main challenge faced when developing Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) and Submarine Learning Channel (SubLC) video products is to maintain currency by evolving with changing technologies and standards while maintaining the highest quality products delivered in a timely manner.


For more than 20 years, Sonalysts has enjoyed the continuous opportunity to produce quality training products directly for the SOBT Program. We have a proven performance-based courseware design methodology connecting learning to job performance. Our creative instructional design strategies and realistic simulations for self-paced IMI achieve high levels of trainee engagement, leading to more effective training. Sonalysts’ intuitive and highly accurate products directly relate to improved job performance.

Additionally, as the SOBT Program’s training environment transitions to include more short-length SUBLC video products, Sonalysts experienced and exceptional personnel are able to leverage on-site facilities in support of the development process. Video recording is an important line of our business for both Government and commercial customers. Access to top of the line video editing facilities and equipment enables our team to film and produce relevant and engaging content. With our extensive experience and exceptional personnel, we are able to provide the fleet with valuable training products that show users how to complete tasks ranging from routine to complex activities.


Sonalysts highly refined processes enable us to provide optimum efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our IMI and video products are able to reach the fleet quickly and provide relevant, high-fidelity training, which contributes greatly to the continued success of the submarine force.