Software and Systems Engineering

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of software-centric system development services with a distinct focus on user-centered design, which facilitates user adoption by providing a quality user experience. We are technology agnostic with a clear concentration on web application development, product engineering services, enterprise integration solutions, and mobile-based custom applications.

In addition to developing complex software, we help design the systems on which the software operates. Our systems engineering includes system interface definition and development, integration and test of large families of systems, and system architecture and design. Our Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 processes ensure a mature approach to systems engineering projects.

Our government-related services arm of the organization is adept at delivering highly technical solutions that are compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) related polices (NMCI, SIPRNET, etc.). Over the past 40 years, we have developed a considerable level of experience and subject matter knowledge in creating and delivering solutions for the DoD, U.S. Navy's Submarine Fleet, and Air Force Satellite Operations.

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Relevant Examples

Black Horizon

The Air Force is seeking to develop its space warfighters for tomorrow — to identify, train, and maintain the skills of a greater number of operators who know how to act in a contested environment. BLACK HORIZON is the newest Air Force training tool: a mobile app that instructs operators in the basics of orbital mechanics and develops the skills to go "off script" to respond to emerging threats.

FATSIM Phase III Small Business Innovative Research

FATSIM is a Fifth Generation Fighter, low-cost, medium-to-high fidelity training simulation.

wXstation Product Line

Sonalysts’ wXstation™ and Dispatch Weather Client™ comprise a highly flexible and robust commercial weather and flight following system used to support U.S. and international airlines flight operations and government aviation meteorologists. This system has provided airline dispatchers and aviation meteorologists with operational situational awareness, alerts, and automated product generation to support web services for more than 25 years. wXstation is extensible to process and display any geo-referenced time-sensitive data beyond aviation applications.